NonBitchyBeauty | Cool off & Plump up With This Copper-Infused Mist
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22 Jun Cool off & Plump up With This Copper-Infused Mist

One of the newest staples in my skin care routine is Osmotics’ Blue Copper 5 Cooling Moisture Mist ($18-$38). This refreshing product provides a mega-dose of long-lasting hydration by increasing hyaluronic acid on the skin giving it an immediate glow and boosting its ability to retain moisture for 24 hours. Formulated with natural humectants, you’ll also notice it plumps and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re looking for a solution for irritated or red skin, this will also do the trick because its formula includes copper and wild pansy extract, two ingredients that soothe irritation and visibly reduce redness. It also has the added bonus that it can also be used to set and refresh makeup throughout the day.

I often find myself with dry, patchy areas of skin whenever I wear makeup. And I’m not talking a full face of makeup. Nope, the skin around my nose and mouth gets dry with just a touch of concealer and powder no matter how many moisturizing agents I slather on beforehand. Dried out makeup is never a cute look so it’s not like I’m about to sit around all day with cracked concealer gnawing away at my soul every time I glance in a mirror.

Prior finding this Cooling Moisture Mist, I would try one of two things to get rid of these irksome dry areas and neither were great solutions. First, I would try gently swabbing my dry areas with a Q-tip dipped in my favorite lipid or hyaluronic acid. This did prove very moisturizing but in turn, those problem areas were made even more obvious because they were now makeup-free unlike the rest of my face. At that point, the only other solution I had at my disposal was to grab a face wipe or some makeup remover and erase all traces of dryness and makeup thus forcing me to strip my skin (no bueno) and start up my whole skincare routine again. Right about now is when I’d be too pissed at makeup to even bother with that noise so I’d just throw in the towel on that.

Enter Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Cooling Moisture Mist. Since this gem can be worn over makeup I just spritz away anytime I have dry patches. No joke, within seconds all signs of dryness disappear and they don’t return. This usually makes me forgive my makeup enough to the point where I’d consider doing a little touch-up after letting the mist set, but the radiance its give my skin is so nice it makes applying more makeup unnecessary.