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20 May Say Goodbye to Wrinkles With This One Easy Step

Ah, sunscreen. One of the absolute best anti-aging tools we have in our arsenal. We’ve been told over and over again to use it every single day whether it’s sunny, cloudy, or raining. I’d even recommend wearing it if you somehow survive the zombie apocalypse. Roll your eyes all you want, but raise your hand if you actually do this. Mhm. That’s what I thought. I wear it religiously every day so I have earned the right to be smug about this. In all honesty, though, I’m not smug. I have a pretty good idea why people often skip this part of their skin care routine.

I think a majority of people either forget to apply it or think it will leave their skin looking greasy and lead to breakouts. In this case, they’d rather not take the chance. Some people might not be willing to spend money on a more expensive sunscreen, especially if they’ll barely use it or think it will wreak havoc on their skin. I myself wasn’t a sunscreen zealot until a couple of years ago when I stepped up my skin care game. I’m embarrassed to admit that I would either plum forget to put it on before rushing out the door or I would be too worried it would make my oily skin even oilier so I would “forget” to put it on. Such a rookie mistake. Just thinking about all the fine lines and sun damage I could have prevented all those years makes me want to weep.

One of the biggest obstacles I find when it comes to getting people to wear sunscreen regularly is the misconception that facial sunscreens have the consistency of the stuff we slather on our bodies at the beach or by the pool. I mean yeah, who would want to put that on their face? Luckily, there are countless SPF products formulated specifically every skin type. In fact, many of them often double as nourishing moisturizers. With the right one, you won’t have to worry about grease because they’ll leave your mug looking matte and feeling smooth, creating a perfect palette for makeup or a barefaced look.

I’ve tried tons of moisturizing sunscreens and my favorite by a landslide is Skin Authority’s Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 ($10-$42) because it mattifies my face, no matter how oily it is, without drying me out or feeling heavy. I recently went to the park with a friend and tossed it at him because he hadn’t worn sunscreen. To the park. To sit in the sun. The mind boggles! Anyway, he started putting it on before exclaiming, and I quote, “what is this? It’s amazing! It’s not greasy at all.” And then he took off his shirt and started using it on his body and I was like, “Slow down cowboy, this is primo stuff. Face, neck, top of the hands.” And then I tossed him some Sun Bum for the rest of his bod.

My point is: don’t be afraid of sunscreen. There are sunscreens out there so lovely you will actively remember to put them on because they add more than just sun protection to your skin care routine.

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A Few More to Consider

Paula’s Choice CALM Redness Relief SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer ($28) – Made specifically for anyone struggling with sensitive skin or redness. It comes in two variations: one for normal to oily skin and another for normal to dry.
Purlisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($55)– A lightweight and nourishing option for normal to dry skin.
MD Solar Science Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 ($68) – filled with antioxidants, peptides, and humectants to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
Dr.Dennis Gross Dark Spot Sun Defense SPF 50 ($42)– Formulated with vitamin C to protect against environmental damage and help fade dark spots.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen SPF 70 ($12) – This liquid SPF is one of my favorite drugstore items. It glides on smooth and absorbs instantly.