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How to find the right skin care products.
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how to pick the right skin care products

10 Jul How to Pick the Right Skin Care Products

When you’re a beauty editor hundreds of brands throw skin care products at you like you wouldn’t believe. If you happen to be a skin care junkie like myself, weeding through all of these products takes a lot of time and energy. I won’t just slap anything on my face. I actually look up ingredients, do thorough research, and make an effort to give the products that make my cut a genuine try, as in, I don’t just use them once and write about them. I’ll actually incorporate products I believe will work into my routine and see how they do over time.

Right now I rotate between 58 skin care products sitting on my shelf. I pick and choose what to use depending on how my skin looks and feels in the morning and at night. There are also 14 products next to my bed that I’ll groggily apply if I’m feeling dry, oily or can sense an impending eruption in the middle of the night. Does this sound excessive to you? It should. It sounds excessive to me, but the amount of products I actually use compared to the hundreds I have patiently waiting on deck in my apartment is practically nothing.

Of course, I realize how extremely lucky I am to have so many skin care options (that have been very generously given to me) to pick from, but besides the fact that I didn’t have to shell out cash, anyone who buys skin care is in the same boat. In fact, consumers have thousands upon thousands of options to choose from. Walk into any Sephora, Ulta, department store or other beauty supplier and there are endless brands and products for you to wade through. So how should you go about picking the best ones for your skin type? Here’s how a skin care expert decides.

Know your skin type

Just because you had oily skin in your teens doesn’t mean you still do. Hell, just because you had oily skin last week doesn’t mean you won’t wake up with dry patches next week. Hormones, the weather, and a myriad of other things can periodically change your skin type. Knowing exactly what type of skin you’re working with is the key to making sure your skin care routine is on point every day. Here’s a great guide.


Once you know the needs of your skin start doing some research. What are people on the interwebs and Instagram saying about different skin care products? What do your favorite, reputable beauty websites and blogs have to say? Just be weary and know that many sites and bloggers do get paid to say favorable things about certain brands and products. I also suggest checking out Reddit’s Skincare Addiction, but don’t you dare ditch me for them when you fall down that rabbit hole!

Once you have some products in mind do a little research about the brand. Do they fit with your core values? Some people may only want to use products that are cruelty-free, all-natural, organic, vegan, etc. There are endless niche brands you can find that hit all the marks you want. You should also look into whether or not the brand has put out scientific studies to back up the claims of their products.


Is a product promising you “botox in a box”? Move along. The only botox that works miracles comes from a needle. Some products promise the world but when you take a look at their ingredients they just don’t measure up. Which brings us to…


The FDA dictates that skin care products must list their ingredients in order of the highest percentage to the lowest. That’s why it’s important to always look at ingredients. If a product, for example, a topical BHA exfoliant promises to help unclog pores and control acne but salicylic acid isn’t listed as one of the top three to five ingredients you should save your money. Instead, look for a product that contains a higher percentage of the ingredients that matter instead of accidentally picking one that mostly contains fillers.

To truly put together a great skin care routine my best suggestion is to hit the internet hard. Do some research and learn what ingredients have been proven to be the most effective for your skin type and skin concerns. Don’t just take the word of a product’s packaging or marketing campaign. Do some digging and ask some questions. It will definitely take more time and effort, but it’s worth it and it’s actually pretty fun.

Now, what?

Once a product has made the cut make sure to check the return policy at your place of purchase. There is NO shame in returning a product that doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t have to make you break out or give you hives, but if it is supposed to help with dry skin and you’re not seeing results after a few weeks you’ll be happy you saved that receipt so you can return it and try something different. Trial and error are all part of the process and honestly, smart skin care brands know this. They want you to be happy with your purchase so they should not have an issue with returns. Just remember, don’t write off a brand completely because one or two products didn’t work, they may have just been the wrong products for you.

So go forth my beauty geniuses and put together a routine that will make your skin look and feel amazing.

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