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23 Aug A New Way to Cleanse: Charcoal-Infused Jelly

The bathroom in my quaint, one hundred-year-old apartment in Brooklyn is tiny and not exactly in great shape. The rest of my apartment is my happy safe bubble but I’ll do anything to avoid spending time in the bathroom so I prefer to complete each step of my skin care regimen while sitting at my desk.  That’s why micellar water has been my cleanser of choice for the past two years. Not only does it get rid of dirt and oil without drying out skin, but it allows me to thoroughly cleanse my skin quickly and effectively from anywhere I want, E.G. not in my grimy little bathroom. However, this post is not about micellar water (you can read about that here) it’s about boscia’s Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser, a squishy ball of skin care magic that has brought traditional cleansing back to my routine thus forcing me to spend a few more minutes each day avoiding looking into my mirror in fear of seeing an old timey ghost or Bloody Mary reflected back at me. That’s a normal concern, right?

boscia jelly ball charcoal cleansers

Here are a few reasons why I love my Jelly Ball Cleanser. It contains a mix of ingredients including activated black bamboo charcoal and hinoki oil to hydrate and soothe skin while providing a deep, detoxifying cleanse that removes impurities and prevents breakouts. As you can probably tell, the uniquely designed sphere of jelly is also just genuinely fun to use. Once it’s lathered up, massaging the Jelly Ball onto my skin in a circular motion feels nice and relaxing. Like a calming mini ritual of sorts that helps me gear up for the day or unwind at night. After cleansing, a quick rinse with water is all my Jelly Ball needs before being placed into its plastic base where it can remain germ-free between each use thanks to the activated charcoal in its formula that serves as a natural antibacterial agent.

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