NonBitchyBeauty | Common Skin Care Scams to Avoid
Are you falling for these common skin care scams? Here's how to spot and avoid them.
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skin care scams to avoid

04 Sep Are You Falling for These Common Skin Care Scams?

Here’s a look at two common skin care scams and my advice on how to avoid them.

Lofty Claims

The words “Botox in a bottle” or similar lofty claims are nothing more than little red flags that should make you slow your roll and dig a little bit deeper before throwing down your hard earned money. We all have at least one infuriatingly stubborn skin problem we can’t escape. Whether it’s fine lines, stubborn acne, redness or uneven skin tone, these types of problems plague and annoy us to the point where we’re willing to pounce on any product that promises to rid these ass aches from our faces. The disappointing reality is that there are no magic potions that can instantly fix the types of skin problems that irk us on the daily. Sort of.

The only thing that will completely rid your face of fine lines and wrinkles is Botox or a similar “freezer”. Sure, serums and creams can help diminish them but there ain’t no such thing as Botox in a bottle except for actual Botox…in its bottle. The same thing is true about fillers. No eye cream is going to plump up your tear troughs to make you look fresh-faced and well rested the way Juvederm can. Obvs, fillers and Botox can only be administered by docs but other problems like rosacea, cysts, and chronic acne are also issues best suited for professionals.

Instead of wasting your money on a stream of “miracle” products, seeing a dermatologist is usually the best way to get your skin care problems under control. If seeking the help of a doctor is not an option for you, no worries. There are still TONS of products out there that can make a big difference. You just have to know how to weed out the good from the bad, an increasingly difficult task thanks to things like…

Flashy packaging and Placement

Ah, Sephora. Beauty Mecca to some, skin care nightmare to others. I.e. me. Yes, it is true. Sephora is my frenemy. Now hear me out before Xing out this tab! Just listen! Sephora is home to quite a few skin care brands I absolutely adore, respect, and believe in. HOWEVER, there also carry a lot of brands that are 100% worthy of my critical side eye. I find myself disappointed in the quality and efficacy of 90% of the brands that can afford to “pay to play” at Sephora or similar beauty stores.

What is pay to play? It’s basically when multi-million dollar brands spend obscene amounts of money in exchange for being displayed prominently throughout beauty stores. Brands like this also have the ability to put a lot of money into gorgeous, creative, and Insta-worthy packaging, making their goods even more of a must-have. Throw some carefully crafted words into this expensive marketing mix and these types of products are practically guaranteed to sell out faster than you can say VIB Rouge.

So, yeah it’s definitely a pet peeve of mine. Especially when I see smaller, less flashy brands that have great products formulated with potent, A+ ingredients going unnoticed just because they don’t have millions to spend on the sparkle and shine shoppers have been programmed to gravitate towards. Certainly, new products that are getting a lot of attention are fun and exciting but you should always be on the look out for hidden gems.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t peruse all the products you find intriguing (do many of these also happen to be made by massive brands with seemingly endless marketing dollars? Hmm.) just make sure to read the ingredient label and do some research before handing over your cash. I mean, it’s not like you’re some kind of budgetless skin care brand with money to burn. Amiright? Going the extra mile to learn about your options will allow you to spend your moolah more wisely on the types of products that are more likely to yield the results you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll probably save money which you can spend on burritos and pizza.

*One more tip: While you may LOVE a cosmetic brand’s lipstick, highlighter, foundation, etc – I recommend being cautious of their skin care products. Especially if the line is new and seems to be born solely from the success of the brand’s makeup. When a wildly popular makeup brand decides to launch a skin care line me thinks dollars signs have much more to do with it than the brand’s passion and dedication for making the best, scientifically sound and proven products they possibly can. I’ve heard amazing things about Milk’s makeup but everyone seems to give their skin care products two thumbs down. I have nothing but respect for Benefit (ROLLER LASH IS EVERYTHING) but their skincare line, though impeccably and creatively packaged, isn’t filled with the top-notch ingredients I would expect to see at that price range.

 TL;DR – Be wary of products that claim to offer quick miracle fixes. Do research before snatching up pretty new products that promise to be the answer to your skin care problems. Don’t be a consumer robot! Resist being swayed by glitz and glam. Be open to brands you’ve never heard of and fight the urge to snub products with straight up heinous packaging. Don’t let well-designed ad campaigns, packaging, and labels force your hand when you’re shopping. Take the time to research potential purchases and you’re likely to find actual solutions to your skin concerns.

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