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Be Pretty, Not Petty

how to pick the right skin care products
10 Jul

How to Pick the Right Skin Care Products

When you're a beauty editor hundreds of brands throw skin care products at you like you wouldn't believe. If you happen to be a skin care junkie like myself, weeding through all of these products takes a lot of time and energy. I won't just...

skin care vitamin c antioxidants
05 Jul

These 3 Products Are Fire

Simply put, here are three products I can't live without at the moment. They're fire. 1. Worker B Cream Before discovering Worker B Cream ($22) my lips would get so dry they would split open in my sleep. It's not super cute to look like you just...

04 Jul

F*ck Scrubs, Get Acids

Sorry to be crude but seriously, screw scrubs. And no, this has nothing to do with the whole micro bead debate. This has everything to do with the fact that most of us have been taught that using scrubs regularly is a great way to exfoliate...

IGK Hair Care Sephora
01 Jul

When You Can’t Shower for 3 Days…

Summer is in full swing in NYC and what better way to kick it off than by losing all access to hot water AKA taking a shower? Oh yes, 90 degrees + humidity + absolutely no ability to shower for three days = one very sweaty/gross...

28 Jun

Not Buying It

If a skin care product purporting to tout vitamin C doesn't even have ascorbic or l ascorbic acid listed within the top five ingredients -- move along. In all honestly, top five is pushing it for me. It should be top three. Do not waste...

20 May

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles With This One Easy Step

Ah, sunscreen. One of the absolute best anti-aging tools we have in our arsenal. We've been told over and over again to use it every single day whether it's sunny, cloudy, or raining. I'd even recommend wearing it if you somehow survive the zombie apocalypse....